Sep 28, 2009

Poll Results - Marrying Age

The votes are in for my first blog poll "What is the ideal age for a woman to get married at. The results are:

1. 18-21 (7%)
2. 22-24 (15%)
3. 25-30 (42%)
4. 30 and older (11%)
5. no perfect age (26%)

So the winner is 25-30, I better hurry up! :)

Thanks to all those who voted and who have been supporting my blog so far. :)


Jennette said...

Wow I was in the 7% range,interesting!

CLM said...

thanks for the comment on my blog i really appreciate it ! this poll is interesting. i love it. i would have said 25-30 too ! following your blog :)

Alix said...

Oh good, I'm safe for a little while :)

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