Sep 13, 2009

Yuki Lam - Makeup Artist

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post my next feature, but I'm so excited I have to do it now!

I decided that I would next like to include a local makeup artist and hair stylist, but perusing the Craigslist services and google searching, I have to say I found myself disappointed. Many of the artists' portfolios fall short of impressive. The makeup jobs often look like something I could do on the skytrain, but pricing reflects work you would expect to look like something out of a magazine. Well, enough negative ranting. There was a light at the end of my artist search tunnel: Yuki Lam.

The eyebrow taper in that shot is enough to win me over, but she really does an exquisite job on every aspect of her makeup application, and it shows.

If I were getting married, I would be hesitant about hiring a makeup artist because I am quite confident in my own makeup skills and would not want to pay to have someone do less or the same of what I would have done. However, Yuki's magazine cover-page quality bridal makeup restores my faith in the value of hiring an artist.

But it doesn't stop at the makeup. She also provides hair stylist services, and was I ever blown away by what I found in her gallery. Her work makes me want to get married for no other reason than to be in one of those beautiful pictures. Speaking of which, I saved the best picture for last... Perfection! (click on the picture for the larger version so you can see the detail)

Yuki is, of course, located in Vancouver, BC. If you are as enthralled with her work as I am (I can't imagine who wouldn't be), check out her website: There, you will find her portfolio with larger versions of the pics I've posted here and then some. Her contact email is:


Anonymous said...

ooh very pretty makeup! ^-^

AquariusSal said...

Hiya, I like your blog idea. I'm sure there will be many brides and grooms to be who will be grateful if you could compile resources and ideas for the wedding day on a single blog! Everything from wedding photographers to caterers, hen party organizers to wedding planners! All the best!

p/s: thanks for dropping by my Blog!

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