Sep 18, 2009

InspirASIAN Creations

Without knowing exactly what I was looking for, I was browsing through various Vancouver wedding vendor and service provider websites, and I found this one particular item which really caught my attention. This cherry blossom themed disposable camera is so striking and unique, I can't help but get carried away by thoughts on how fun it would be at a wedding. The vendor suggests placing several cameras on each table and encouraging guests to snap shots throughout the event. This would add to your themed decor, create a fun activity for the guests, and would ensure that every memory was captured. The vendor who supplies this camera is Inspirasian Creations. They sell wedding favors exclusively, and their ingenuity does not stop at the camera.

When I first looked at this chrome letter opener, I anticipated the price would be at least $20. I was delighted to find that this item costs only $3.25, and even goes as low as $2.70 when larger quantities are purchased. While admiring the pretty gift, I started to ponder over how I would present it to my wedding guests. My suggestion: You could place the letter opener on an envelope for each guest, and inside their envelope would be a 'love letter' from you to them, telling them a few things that make them special to you.

I feel almost guilty mentioning this next item halfway through my post. It actually deserves its very own post but I can't wait, so here it is.

It's cleverly called the "Having the Upper Hand" cake topper, and what an appropriate name that is. I can just imagine how fun and easy-going the bride and groom are who would use this, and how much fun their wedding would be. I can also imagine that when the bride decides she wants this as her cake topper, there will be no argument. :)

Inspirasian Creations is mostly dedicated to Asian-inspired items, so they would be the perfect stop for someone working with that type of theme. However, they also have a large amount of other favors and items that would suit just about anyone. They are located in Vancouver, have a local phone number listed, and their website is: Inspirasian Creations.


Barbara Doduk said...

I've seen some very interesting and funny wedding cake toppers. I think they show more personality than a regular standard one. Cute stuff.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Nice one you have here.

jenskie said...

wow, thise items are really cool!

and thanks for visiting my page :)
have a great day!


jenskie said...

oppsss... sorry for that one mispelled word "thise" - "these" :)

Juliet said...

I love the wedding favors. Great site! I had bookmarked it. Thank you for sharing them!

Robbin said...

thanks juliet! your profile doesn't link to your blog... do you have a blog?

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