Sep 23, 2009

Pamper Your Soul

In an effort to 'think outside the box', I was on the lookout for any local service or products that would be useful for a Bridal Shower or a bachelorette party, and what's more unique than bringing the spa to your home? Vancouver mobile spa provider, Pamper Your Soul, has a delightful array of spa services to cater to your needs.

Their packages seem to mostly come bundled, which are ideal for a party. There is even a service called "Something Old Something New" which is meant especially for a bride and her guests, and includes manicures, pedicures, spa facial and aromatherapy massage.

Another exciting thing I noticed about their packages is their "Stay In" package, which is meant for couples to enjoy spa treatments and massages together. What a wonderful way for a bride and groom to either prepare for their wedding, or relax together the day after. Pamper Your Soul is even offering a course for couples to learn how to give aromatherapy massages to each other.

The company website is located here: Pamper Your Soul. There is also an option to purchase gift certificates, and what an ideal wedding gift that would be!

A side note: Due to the nature of their service, Pamper Your Soul doesn't have any pictures of their services so the pictures used here were royalty-free images I found online. If any of the images belong to you and you do not wish for me to use them please let me know and I'll take them down. Thank you :)


jenskie said...

oh, looks so relaxing...

Dany Angel said...

good post

Giftbearer said...

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Joyce said...

Dreamy !

Yet said...

I see that you are really going all out! Just reading about it was exciting!!

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