Oct 25, 2009

Do you sell on Etsy?

I hope you'll forgive me for a moment of shameless self-promotion, but I've just started another brand new blog: Etsyzine.

This blog will focus primarily on fabulous items and artists on Etsy.com (a handmade marketplace). If you have an etsy shop (or know somebody who does) please comment on my new blog: Etsyzine.blogspot.com. I will be selecting many of the featured artists/artisans from my blog there, so please make yourself heard if you want me to notice you. :)

The theme this week is 'pleats and ruffles', but even if your items don't qualify, you may be considered for future articles.

Thank you for your support!

Oct 20, 2009

Alderwood Wedding Venue

I am lucky enough to have experienced what an outdoor wedding is like at my very first featured wedding venue, Alderwood Farm, and I have been waiting patiently since my experience to write an article about it. The creative mind behind the breathtaking outdoor landscape, Jules, sent me some pictures today, and I couldn't wait to share them with my readers!

Alderwood Farm is located in a huge, private, and secluded area of land on Bowen Island, BC. Bowen Island is a 15 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, or from Granville Island. Alderwood boasts a fabulous artisan-style shop with all sorts of delectable treats, foods, and deluxe packaged meals. Tucked away up from the shop, on a cozy nook, sits the most romantic bed and breakfast I have ever seen (or had the pleasure to stay in).

The farm is rich with greenery and flowers, and it isn't uncommon for a mother hen and her baby chicks to come waddling peacefully across your path. The wedding venue area has been designed with every detail in consideration. There is a higher plateau, perfect for the dinner reception. This higher plateau is set up with a covered area, and a clear slanted roof (so as to capture the beautiful light of day and view the clear stars at night). There is a wooden stage set up in the background, and behind that is a tiered rock formation, reminiscent of something out of paradise.

The plateau slightly lower than the first is perfect for the wedding ceremony, and the one that I witnessed there was heartwarming and beautiful.

Below those two plateaus is a large open area. For the wedding I witnessed there, they used this area to set up another romantic tent, with a delectable array of desserts (all catering was done by Jules, the owner of the farm). There were also tables set up for apr├Ęs-dinner coffee, and tea. The 3rd tent on the lower area was set up for one of the bars.

By the time the sun went down, and every guest's face was aglow with the warmth that comes from such a beautiful celebration, the romantic aspects of having an outdoor wedding really began to shine, literally. Jules had anticipated having an opportunity to use the night to her atmospheric advantage, and all around us lanterns were suddenly lit, illuminating all of the fantastic decorations and flowers. Glowing lanterns hung from the reception area. Sparkling glass lanterns lined the walkways, and the entire scene was so magical, I doubt anything I describe could ever really do it justice. I wish I had night pictures, but I hope I have given you an idea.

The website is here: Alderwood Farm Weddings. Jules can be reached at alderwoodfarm@shaw.ca and their phone number is 604-947-9434.

Poll Results

The results are back from the poll I recently had posted on my blog. The poll asked which wedding-related topic readers most wanted to have featured here. Wedding venues won by a landslide, so my next article will be about one very special wedding venue, which I have actually anticipated writing about for some time (I was just waiting for the right pictures).

Thank you all again for your participation and support! A new poll is up, so please check it out in the sidebar. :)


It's Official!

I will be attending the Creme de la Creme wedding show (check out a few posts ago when I blogged about it) this November 15th. I couldn't be more excited! The Creme de la Creme, much like its title, should prove to be one of the most spectacular and stylish shows in 2009. For those of you who won't be able to make it, I will be collecting as many business cards as my greedy hands can gather. I will hopefully be featuring MANY of the vendors from the show who allow me to do so.

For those who are considering visiting a wedding show this year, check out their website: Creme de la Creme

Oct 2, 2009

M&Ms For the Cure!

As some of you may have noticed, I recently added a button banner for M&Ms to my blog sidebar, which links to their new shimmery wedding candy which can be customized with pictures and words. I was playing around with their candy customizing tool to see what my face would look like on an M&M (I really couldn't help it), and I noticed something I wanted to share with you.

For the month of October M&M's is helping in the fight to end breast cancer. For any Susan G Komen promise blend purchase, they will be donating 10% to the cause. Customers will also receive 12% off their purchase to encourage participation. I am definitely going to participate, and I think that these will make wonderfully thoughtful and positive Halloween presents. :) You can also personalize them with your own messages! See the link for examples.

If you would like to particpate, here is the link: Spread cheer & support with MY M&M'S Promise Blend & help support the Komen Promise. Get 12% OFF!

Oct 1, 2009

Vancouver Wedding Shows 2009

I was excited to find a plethora of wedding shows and bridal shows being held locally in the next few months. Each show features its own qualities from designer wedding dress fashion shows to exclusive bridal workshops. Of course, there are also the many giveaways and samples to draw you in, so I have decided to do something here that I haven't found on any other local website: I'm going to list the 3 most notorious local wedding shows, including notes below each with information and highlights (so that you don't have to go searching through all of the websites to find the pertinent information)!

1. Creme de la Creme:
What: The most classy and luxurious (read:rich) wedding show there is.
Featuring: Haute couture fashion show, tastings, gift bag, huge prize draws (incl. a diamond draw)
When: November 15th, 11am-6pm
Where: The 4 Seasons Hotel, Vancouver
Tickets: from $35

2. Brockhouse Wedding Show:
What: An intimate, informative, and elegant wedding show.
Featuring: Wine, Appetizers, gift bag (incl. cubic zirconia and sterling silver earrings), door prizes, and grand prize is a dream honeymoon vacation.
When: October 18th, 11-3 or 3-7
Where: Brockhouse, Vancouver
Tickets: $35

3. Lovestruck Brides:
What: Vancouver's most interactive and fashionable bridal event. Vintage glamor theme.
Featuring: Pampering, canapes, drinks, swag bag (with $200 value jewelry), fashion shows.
When: November 15th (note: this date conflicts with creme de la creme so you have to choose!) 10am to 6pm
Where: The Vancouver Club
Tickets: from $30

Readers' Choice Poll

I have added another poll to my blog, which you'll find over on the right. I'd like to know what people are most interested in seeing features/articles on. If there is something you'd like to read about that isn't on the poll, please leave a comment here :)


JMB Wedding Photography

There is, in fact, no shortage of wedding photographers in the wedding service industry. That being said, finding someone to do a feature on was like picking a needle out of a haystack. However, just because there is an abundance of something, does not mean that there is an abundance of quality. I chose to do a feature on JMB photography not only because the pictures looked nice, but because they stuck out from all the other pictures I looked at from various local websites. The photographer, Jen Birnie, captures emotions in her subjects that really show in the images.

Looking through the gallery on her website, I found that many of the pictures actually told a story. Of course, they look great while doing so, but the emotional aspect of her work was what really drew me in.

JMB Photography is located in BC. The website is here: JMB Photography. Even if you aren't planning to hire a professional photographer any time soon, I recommend looking through her portfolio just for the experience.

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