Sep 19, 2009

Mmmm, chocolate fountain!

I have a confession to make: I am a hopeless and irreconcilable addict. My vice? CHOCOLATE! On an especially rainy and overcast Saturday, I am cozied up on my couch, and find myself craving something decadent, but I certainly don't feel like going out into the ugliness to get it... So, I decided to write about it instead. With serious chocolate cravings on my mind, I found myself at chocolaTas and, as you can see, that is not a typo.

Just a glance at their rich looking and beautifully crafted chocolate is enough to sell me on their product, but they go beyond just chocolate. I found several wonderful wedding ideas perusing their site. See, for example, this deluxe chocolate assortment laid out in a layered and swiveling picture box.

What a wonderful gesture it would be to obtain some of the bride and groom's most treasured photos and put them in the picture slots - causing them to conjure up blissful memories as they indulge together in the edible portion of their gift.

In my opinion, though, the real 'pride and glory' of chocolaTas' wedding items is their extravagant chocolate fountain. Of course, I saved the best for last.

Their large chocolate fountain comes with the chocolate needed to feed up to 300 guests, and is surprisingly affordable. This being especially true, considering they use only fine Belgium chocolate by Callebaut. They have a store on Granville Island, Vancouver, in the public market, and another in Abbotsford. Their website can be found here: chocolaTas.


Monica said...

omg i loooove chocolate and now i'm craving it so badly after reading your post. i wish i could reach through the screen and eat all this delicious looking stuff. ^-^

vifne said...

Me tiene un poco confuso, cual es esa cosa tan linda que ha visto en mi Blog??

Besos y un fuerte abrazo,,,,

Kathleen McGiveron said...

They have a sweet fountain on Granville Island. I didn't know they are in langley though!! Thats where I live... hahaha.

Burning Moon said...

Darn you now I want a candy bar =P great blog

follow & comment mine back?

A Thrifty Geek said...

I just attended a wedding that had a huge choc. bar. A large choc fountain in the middle with tables coming out from it with all different types of goodies to dip into the choc. It was heaven. There had to be over 5o choices to dip.

Meichihko said...

Wow! These chocolates are beautiful! And they look delicious. What a great gift for a bride and groom. Thanks for the idea!

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