Sep 14, 2009

Photobooth Vancouver

If you are looking for something unique, fresh, and fun for your wedding, do I ever have just the thing! When I stumbled upon Photobooth Vancouver, I was instantly blown away with such an inventive idea: having a photobooth at a wedding.

Who doesn't have fun memories of piling into one of those mall photobooths with their best friends/lover and scrambling to organize different poses before the flash comes - and then the anticipation of waiting for them to come out of that slot just minutes later?

Well, imagine if those shots came out as high-quality digital photos, each with your very own wedding logo on them. Not only does the booth serve as a huge source of fun at a wedding party, and a great keepsake for wedding guests and the couple to take home, but the pictures look great!

I think this would be a really great gift idea for a few of the bride and groom's closest friends to chip in on, and I will be bookmarking the site for when that opportunity comes my way. If you'd like to do the same, check them out here: Photobooth Vancouver. They also have a blog right here on blogspot!!! Link here: Photobooth Blogspot.

If you care to comment, let me know: would you want a photobooth at your wedding? Why or why not?


Sonny said...

That is so cool! I have not seen anything like that. Sweet! :D

Hey, the first "Tuesday Talent" is posted. Please stop by and say hello and greet the featured artist.

I'll be working on yours and other write ups later tonight for the upcoming weekly features.


Annie said...

Hi Robbin! Thanks for the lovely compliment on my blog. I really love the Photo Booth idea! Makes me want to get married all over again just so I can try it!
Your blog looks great so far - looking forward to the next entry.

Annie - red bamboo handmade things (AUSTRALIA)

Annie said...

By the way.... how to I get one of those brilliant 'Koi Fishies' for my own blog?!

Robbin said...

Hi Annie,

I don't normally respond to blog comments in my own blog (I'd rather go give you some attention at yours) but your blogger profile is set up so that others can't get to you without a link. Try playing around with your settings to allow people access to you :) I'll try to find you through the forum I think I found you through before - but if not please link me here.

To get your Koi fishies, just go to customize at the top of your blog, click "add gadget" while you are in layout, and I believe the Koi pond is in the popular gadgets :) You can even have them swim over an image instead of the pond. Hehe. >:)

Yet said...

Man! What at great idea!! I wonder if they have something like that here in the US! So, have you decided on using the booth?? That would be amazing!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

This is such a fun idea. My friend just attended a wedding with a photobooth. She loved it and is thinking about doing the same.

Anonymous said...

Photo Booths are an awesome idea! I just attended a wedding that had one and it was so much fun! I believe they rented theirs from Butter Media Inc. Check them out too!


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